Comedians Write Script For Adult Film And It’s Hilarious

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I think we can all agree that the dialogue is not what most people are focusing on when they’re watching porn.

In fact the majority of it is so awkward they probably shouldn’t even bother talking. But maybe, just maybe, if the script was fed to the actors by watching comedians it would add a hilarious new dimension.

That’s exactly what Nikki Glaser did on her new sex-themed Comedy Central show Not Safe – and the results were brilliant.

She fitted adult film actors Jake Jace and Luna Star with earpieces and fed them their lines live over the scene they were filming, reports the Independent.

Comedians Write Script For Adult Film And Its Hilarious adult1YouTube

A few personal favourites from the scene include: “I’m just like Washington crossing the Delaware!” “This is how we kept warm in the military,” and “I have to finish in an even amount of strokes otherwise I think my mum’s apartment is on fire.”

It has to be said the actors are absolute professionals throughout the whole thing, managing to complete the scene without laughing once and even throwing in a little bit of improvisation towards the end of the shoot.

Comedians Write Script For Adult Film And Its Hilarious adult2YouTube

Not Safe is an investigation into issues surrounding sex through a ‘mix of panel discussions, field pieces, and social experiments’, and if this scene is anything to go by it promises some comedy gold to boot.


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