Confederate Flag Parade In Georgia Ends With Hilarious Dose Of Karma

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Since the tragic events in Charleston, South Carolina two weeks ago, there has been increased debate over the role of the Confederate flag in the U.S.

Many in the south see the flag as a symbol of patriotism, however it has serious racist undertones because of its associations with slavery during the U.S Civil War.


Many have spoken out after the controversial flag continued to fly over the SC statehouse after white shooter Dylann Roof murdered nine black church goers in the state.

However, supporters of the flag persist and, on Saturday, Dalton, Georgia threw a parade in support of the symbol.


A short excerpt from the parade was caught on video, as supporters in trucks drove through the city waving the flag.

The man filming the video says:

They got a God damn day for Confederate flags. This is some bullsh*t!. I wonder what kind of motherf*ckin’ parade we could have?


Don’t worry, something quite spectacular happens at the end of this footage, which stops these flag waving idiots in their tracks.


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