Couples Reveal That They Don’t Know Each Others Phone Numbers

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Couples Reveal That They Dont Know Each Others Phone Numbers 1114

I’m useless with phone numbers. I couldn’t even tell you my own without getting my phone out to check, let alone anybody elses.

I don’t even know my own home phone number. Truth be told I didn’t even know we had one for the first four months until it rang, and I couldn’t find it.

The perks of a mobile phone is that you don’t need to key the number in every time you use it because it stores the contact. Any phone number I’ve ever been given, I’ve only looked at the once, which was when putting it in before saving it.

Nowadays, I don’t have a girlfriend to remember the number of, but I do fancy some brain training. So if any girls fancy giving me theirs, I will do me very best to memorise it…


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