Crazed Squatter Refuses To Leave Pub He Calls Home

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Crazed Squatter Refuses To Leave Pub He Calls Home crazed man pub WEB

This video shows the moment a man who had been living in a pub illegally for two months was evicted by force.

The police had to break down various doors to the establishment as this determined guy had barricaded himself in and didn’t want to give up his makeshift room without a fight.

Suffice to say, this guy really doesn’t want to leave, potentially because he has nowhere else to go.

The video is a clip from ITV documentary ‘The Enforcers’ which follows the work of High Court enforcement officers as they try to reclaim debts from those who haven’t paid up, and evict people who are illegally occupying properties.

And this clip shows how crazy some of these visits can get.

Although the officers are only acting in the name of the law, footage like this does bring to light some interesting questions – most significantly, whether the police should have used force and tasered a man who was clearly terrified and potentially mentally ill.

You can judge for yourselves by checking out the footage above.


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