Cruel Joker Pranks Girlfriend By ‘Cheating’ On Anniversary

By : Jennifer BrowneTwitterLogo

Cruel Joker Pranks Girlfriend By Cheating On Anniversary prank1Youtube

A guy pulled a very cruel joke on his girlfriend by tricking her into thinking he was cheating on her – on their anniversary.

Youtube prankster Josh Paler Lin was planning to surprise his French girlfriend by turning up to her flat a day early.

But instead of sweeping her off her feet or whispering sweet nothings into her ear, he decided to treat her to probably the worst prank she’s ever endured.

Cruel Joker Pranks Girlfriend By Cheating On Anniversary video3Youtube

Josh let himself into his girlfriend’s flat without her knowing, planted hidden cameras, and waited outside with a bunch of roses as he texted her to ask if she could Skype call.

Then, he played a prerecorded video he had made earlier – featuring a half-naked woman.

In the video, Josh pretends he’s having connection problems as the woman (who’s in on the joke) comes into the frame and questions who he’s talking to. All the while, his poor girlfriend is being secretly filmed on the other end horrified that her boyfriend is with another woman.

Cruel Joker Pranks Girlfriend By Cheating On Anniversary video2Youtube

The screen eventually goes blank after the woman on camera is seen shouting at Josh – leaving his girlfriend in tears.

He then rings the doorbell and surprises her with flowers. Unsurprisingly, she’s not impressed.

And as far as we know, she’s stuck by him, despite being the center of possibly the cruelest prank ever.

Watch the full thing here: