Dancer And Comedian Launches Full On Attack On ‘Instagram Models’

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Nicole Arbour?

Nah me neither, but I think I’m a massive fan. She’s been making waves online with her latest YouTube video, ‘Dear Instagram Models’.

In it, the dance choreographer, comedian and YouTuber slates what she calls ‘Instagram models’ – women with their tits and ass all over her screen, basically.

She goes full attack mode on basic ‘do nothing’ bitches, girls just looking for rich suitors to buy them nice things. She’s fed up with seeing their semi-nude bodies all day every day. As she puts it, ‘I can’t come on the internet without seeing your titties’ (phrasing).

She says:

It’s funny watching Instagram internet bitches post photos of their Louis Vuitton bags and Chanel shoes with #blessed but they’re never showing the old man’s balls they’re sucking who #blessed them.

Days this hot call for mid day cat naps in the shade. #meow ? #selfie #NicoleArbour

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She also happens to post some fairly raunchy photos of herself on Instagram, but she’s not out to hate on woman who flaunt their body, rather the ‘do nothing’ bitches who have no ambition other than finding a rich man to maintain their lifestyle.

She thinks women should aim higher.

Ain't nuttin plain, about da train!! #Caesar #ComeOnRideTheTrain #IChooChooChooseYou #TootToot #TrainReference #ViaRail ?

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I’m definitely #TeamArbour.