Dancing Man Finally Gets His Party In LA This Weekend

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Remember ‘Dancing Man’, the guy who captured the hearts and minds of the general public after he was shamed online for his dancing?


Well, he’s definitely got the last laugh on his bullies after being flown to Los Angeles for a special party being thrown in his honour this weekend.

The party has been arranged in homage to Sean O’Brien and his slick moves, and it all kicked off yesterday when he had a boogie on the Today Show with Meghan Trainor to her hit ‘All About That Bass’.

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Celebrities are clamouring for an invite to the bash, which tells the world it’s okay to dance and nobody should be bullied for having fun.

The party will be DJ’d by Moby, with the likes of Ellie Goulding and Pharrell Williams coming along to get down with Dancing Man.


Speaking on the Today Show, O’Brien said:



There are so many good people out there in the world. There will always be bad in the world but there’s far more good.

Cassandra Fairbanks was one of the women disgusted by the way Sean was trolled online for his dancing.

She went on a mission to track Sean down and throw him a massive dance party to show him not to let the bullies get him down.

When asked what he’s enjoyed the most so far about his trip, O’Brien added:

Meeting the women who made it possible.

What a legend! We hope Sean has a cracking time at his party.


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