Vigilantes Confront Paedophile Meeting ’13-Year-Old’ To Take Her Virginity

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The paedophile hunting group Dark Justice have once again snared a man who arranged to meet what he thought was a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Mark Thornton, a 50-year-old dad, was confronted by the vigilantes in an Asda car park after chatting to two different online profiles they had set up posing as teen girls.

Thornton was there to meet and take the virginity of what he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

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The sicko had previously admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old girl in chats with the ‘teen’, and sent pictures of his penis. He asked the ‘girl’: “Are you looking forward to losing your virginity babe?”

After confronting Thornton, taking his keys and examining his phone, Dark Justice handed Thornton over to the authorities, and he was later arrested.

According to Dark Justice, he was sentenced to two years in prison and 10 years on the sex offenders register.

Recorder Richard Wright QC told Teesside Crown Court the 50-year-old’s behaviour was ‘deeply concerning’, the International Business Times reports.

Vigilantes Confront Paedophile Meeting 13 Year Old To Take Her Virginity mark thorntonDurham Police

He told Thornton:

It is clear to me that you have little to no insight into your offending so you pose a risk to children.

You have a sexual interest in children and this is deeply concerning.

In fact no children were exposed to your behaviour but you did not know that so I am sentencing you essentially on what was in your mind and what you would have done had you been able to get your hands on a child.

You chose to offend in this way.

Losing your partner, friends and family is entirely your own fault.

Dark Justice is now responsible for the convictions of 31 paedophiles.


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