Dashcam Captures Shocking Footage Of Taiwan Plane Crash

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Dashcam Captures Shocking Footage Of Taiwan Plane Crash planecrash.0.0

As people around the world try and come to terms with what happened in Taiwan this morning, some truly unbelievable dashcam footage has surfaced on the web.

We take you to Taipei, Taiwan, where a commercial TransAsia flight dramatically crashed into a highway before ending up in the harbour. The ATR-72 twin-engine aircraft had just taken off from Taipei’s Songshan Airport with passengers onboard.

SCMP reports that 23 people are confirmed dead, with 15 injured and “others awaiting rescue”. We truly hope they get out safely.

Footage of the plane has quickly surfaced on YouTube and has gone viral, more specifically the following dashcam footage. It’s surreal to watch, especially when you know it’s not a Hollywood blockbuster that you’re watching.

Our thoughts go out to the families of those that lost their lives. It’s another sad day for aviation.