Do We Really Need A Baywatch Movie?

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Do We Really Need A Baywatch Movie? UNILAD pa6Allstar

Pretty much everything is being rebooted these days, and it seems Baywatch is the latest show to get that treatment, with a new film in the works.

However, Pamela Anderson, who of course made her name in the original show, has spoken out against the idea.

She claimed that no one likes remakes, and the original Baywatch was ‘simpler’, which considering it mainly consisted of women running down a beach in swimsuits, is probably a pretty accurate reflection.

Do We Really Need A Baywatch Movie? UNILAD bw5

Anderson might not be keen on a remake, but one of the film’s tars, The Rock, certainly is. He took to his Twitter account to promote the movie and welcome co-star Zac Efron to the party.

Apparently, the film will be R-rated, and take on a far more risqué and adult tone than the original series.


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