Does This Brutal Tinder Honey Trap Prank Take Things Too Far?

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Does This Brutal Tinder Honey Trap Prank Take Things Too Far? 14

We’ve seen a lot of pranks really push the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable, but this is up there with the absolute harshest.

The idea behind the video is apparently to highlight the importance of being careful when meeting people off the internet. Fair enough. Tinder is a basic app, with very little information given about somebody, so if anybody wanted to lie, it would be even easier than normal. Keeping your wits about you and being sensible when you meet a complete stranger from the app is obviously a must.

But is THIS the best way to highlight that?

The lad is invited over the to girls house, they get comfortable, then her ‘boyfriend’ comes home and kicks off. Big time.

It’s an uncomfortable watch, to be honest. Part of me was cringing, while the other half just wanted to scream “Just get the fuck away from there!” at the screen!

What do you think about this prank?

Personally, I think they massively overstepped the mark. The poor lad isn’t the one cheating and thought the girl was single, so that is well out of order. I mean, he admitted that he wasn’t really a lawyer, so he is a liar, but does that warrant being treated like that? I don’t think so. There’s no way I’d have just sat there and gone along with what he was telling him to do. The ‘boyfriend’ is a pretty big lad, while the guy being pranked really isn’t, so I can understand him being shook. But the moment they stepped outside, he should have sprinted for his life and not stopped! I can’t believe he actually went to the cashpoint.

People lying and not being who they say they are on Tinder is obviously a bad thing… But that goes for treating random people like this as a ‘prank’ too!