Dog Gets SUPER High After Eating Weed Cake

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo


Dog Gets SUPER High After Eating Weed Cake loki

Loki the dog was taught one hell of a lesson when he went scavenging for food in the bag of his owner’s friend, after coming across a rice crispy weed cake.

While that might be the dream for most humans, poor Loki ended up stoned out of his mind, and did not look happy about it at all.

I mean, for me, the dog’s owners could have been a little bit more responsible than leaving a bag lying around that had the weed infused treat in it, because yeah, I know dogs will eat anything, but come on, this is not good for the dog at all.

Luckily, after seeking advice from vets, Loki’s owners were told he would be ok, but come on guys, let’s be a bit more on the ball next time to stop Loki feeling so ruff the next morning.