Dramatic Footage Shows Woman Rescued After Falling Down Well Taking Selfie

By : Alex Mays |


A woman who fell 30ft down a well after trying to take a selfie was rescued by locals who made a rope out of t-shirts.

The tourist – who was visiting the Junagadh fort in Gujarat, India – decided to pose for a photo and managed to somehow slip down the shaft, reports the BBC.

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Fortunately, passers-by heard her cries for help and devised an inventive plan to save her.

The short clip of the rescue shows the woman being pulled to safety after grabbing hold of a chain of shirts tied together. One helper can be heard shouting ‘come on’ in encouragement as she gets closer to the top.

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She is finally brought out of the well before she collapses on the floor, understandably exhausted and distressed.

The tourist – who is reportedly Austrian – can be seen asking for water before the camera identifies the small leg injury she sustained during the fall.

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Risking your life for the sake of a decent selfie? 21st century problems…


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