Driver Takes Go-Kart Onto Busy Dual Carriageway In Real-Life Mario Kart Moment

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Driver Takes Go Kart Onto Busy Dual Carriageway In Real Life Mario Kart Moment mario kart WEBFacebook

Drivers on the A50 were pretty stunned when a man joined the busy dual carriageway in his go-kart and started whizzing along beside them.

The driver, who was wearing a bobble hat instead of a crash helmet, reached speeds of up to 50mph on the tiny kart.

The man was filmed weaving in-and-out of traffic in the kart on the dual carriageway near the Britannia Stadium in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The footage has been shared extensively on social media and has now been handed to Staffordshire police who are examining the two-minute clip.

The man’s friends filmed his go-kart journey from the car behind and can be heard laughing and shouting, “Go Mario!”

Luckily for this guy, he wasn’t taken out by a blue shell during his crazy ride!


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