Drone Catches Couple Having Sex On Top Of Monastery

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Drone Catches Couple Having Sex On Top Of Monastery drone22YouTube

A drone has captured footage of a couple of tourists having sex at the top of a tower in a monastery.

Apparently the pair weren’t put off by the drone, but did have to put their session on hold after they were interrupted by the arrival of another tourist, reports The Mirror.

The couple decided to ‘get it on’ while they were up the bell (no jokes please) tower of the Borisogleb Monastery in Torzhok, a town in north-western Russia’s Tver Oblast region.

In the footage, the woman can be seen bending over holding onto the railings while the man, well, you don’t need it spelling out for you…

It’s unclear whether the couple actually noticed the drone, but they certainly do notice when a tourist emerges from the top of stairway leading up to the tower.

They both scramble to hide what they’re doing with the guy frantically trying to rearrange his shorts while the woman tries to casually stroll off as if nothing was going on.

Drone Catches Couple Having Sex On Top Of Monastery drone44

The guy who interrupted either didn’t notice what was going on – doubtful – or seems to be too polite to say anything, although to be fair, in real life as opposed to porn, what on earth do you say?

The couple have not yet been identified but local reports suggest they could be hit with a fine for ‘hooliganism’ or criminal charges for ‘offending the Orthodox Church and its members’.

I imagine they’re quite easily offended to be honest.