Drone Crashes Into Model’s Face During Photo Shoot

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Drones seem to be all the rage at the minute, whether they’re crashing into planes, or creating the most bizarre new sex toys, they’re in the news pretty much every damn day. 

But what happens when a drone smashes directly into the face of an aspiring model? Well, shit happens. And it looks pretty damn gnarly.

While posing for a shoot and stood on a weirdly high rock, Ohio based model, Jess Adams, was caught on camera being smacked right in the face, reports the Daily Mail.

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In the painful clip it also appears that Jess’ hair gets caught in one of the four propellers of the drone making the vid even harder to watch.

Although after the incident, Jess seemed to take it all in good humour, saying:

If you’re gonna get hit in the face with a drone better at least be able to watch it and die laughing.

I’ve just realized my kids will never understand my fear of flying objects, or robots.

At least she took it well. Can’t say I want it to happen to me though…


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