Dude Records The Most Beautiful Fart Of All Time

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Dude Records The Most Beautiful Fart Of All Time fart WEBGoogle

A Youtube star has accidentally recorded the most beautiful fart in history and, now, the sound is going viral.

Fart composer / Redditor ‘lozobear’ made the glorious guff earlier this week while trying to make his brother laugh.



He said:

My brother moved away from town, and I was missing him. So I started texting him farts to let him know I love him. This would have been in the first dozen or so, but the second it came out I knew it was special.

Why is this trump so spectacular, you ask? Well because it’s “a major seventh arpeggio in the key of B flat, with a trill at the end”, of course! This is Mozart level stuff.

He explains all in this video and, to be fair, it is just about as pleasant as a fart is ever going to sound.


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