Ed Sheeran Says His Female Cousin Is ‘C*ck-Blocked’ By His Music All The Time

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Ed Sheeran Says His Female Cousin Is C*ck Blocked By His Music All The Time ed sheeran WEB

Judging by her reaction, this female interviewer really wasn’t expecting Ed Sheeran to start talking about how his music effectively “c*ck-blocks” his female cousin.

A new Vine shows the hilarious moment the British singer-songwriter caught Giuliana Rancic completely off guard with his comments during E!’s red carpet special before the Billboard Music Awards last night.

Rancic was asking the 24-year-old about how, according to Spotify, his music is popular with people trying to fall asleep.

In response, Sheeran extolled the virtues of his back catalogue as something his fans can actually have sex to. Apart from, apparently, his own female cousin, who obviously can’t play Ed’s music to try and set the mood and has even had men attempt to play it to her!

Such is the danger of having famous relatives I suppose – you can’t score with guys easily and you have to put up with having your sexual escapades (or lack thereof) aired by your popstar cousin on national television.