Engaged Couple Have Brutal Conversation About Sexuality, Jealousy And Honesty

By : Rebecca Knight |


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One rather brave couple, Lynette and Corey, put their engagement to the test when they agreed to ask each other a series of questions about their relationship.

The couple, who have been engaged for four years, talked to The Skin Deep, and not only discuss typical issues like jealousy but also things like fame and sexuality.

Issues like religion came up, with Christian Lynette making it clear that she had reservations about the music industry, which Corey wants to break into.

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That, and the fact that Lynette dated her ex-girlfriend when they were on a break seemed to cause particular points of contention, with ‘double standards’ being cited by Corey.

Lynette claims that her sexuality is fluid, and not ‘black and white’, and it’s certainly an interesting point.

She goes on to explain to Corey why she would be faithful him regardless.

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There were some light-hearted moments, like when Lynette claimed Corey was the ‘best sex’ she had ever had – because of course she’s going to say that.

Seeing the couple squirm at some of the questions put to them, and then the reactions after certain answers is worth a watch.

If only so you know what not to say if you’re ever put in that situation with your partner.


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