Escort Goes On Ridiculous Rant About Client Who Finished Too Quick

By : Kieron Curtis |


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This is Schahrzad Morgan, and she is not happy one bit.

Morgan is a successful author and escort, but earlier this week she was left thoroughly unfulfilled by a client who came too quickly, and she has taken to YouTube to let the world know.

She argues that people do not pay her for sex, they pay her for time, and in doing so she expects a certain level of mutual sexual pleasure.

This guy didn’t deliver, prompting a considerable rant…

“That’s just loser status”. Brutal…

In fact, Morgan was so upset she made two videos on the matter:

To be fair, if the guy was actually there for 19 minutes of a half hour appointment, despite alleged premature ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction, he hasn’t done terribly.

Also, a fat stack of money for a few minutes work isn’t such a terrible thing…


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