Every Sip Of Water You’ve Ever Taken Is Dinosaur Pee

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Every Sip Of Water Youve Ever Taken Is Dinosaur Pee TN196

Who’d have thought that wee tasted like that?

The science YouTube channel Curious Minds claims that every single molecule of water that we drink, has been pissed out by a dinosaur.

It’s definitely conceivable, seeing as dinosaurs were around for 186 million years, so they certainly had plenty of time to work their way through the worlds water supply.

The video explains the water cycle and how it will have been inside a dinosaur, and points out:

Most of the water molecules, have never been drunk by another human – but almost every single one has been drunk by a dinosaur.

So there it is. Turns out you are into watersports, but didn’t realise.


Curious Minds
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