Ex Premier League Footballer’s Sex Tape Leaked On Twitter

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A former Premier League footballer was filmed having a threesome with a teammate and an unidentified woman.

Antonio Luna, who played for Aston Villa last year, and Sergi Enrich partook in a little team bonding session and their post-game warm down was filmed and leaked on Twitter.

Luna and Enrich both play for Spanish team SD Eibar and have released a joint statement after fans identified them both in the NSFW footage.

It reads:

We deeply regret that an indiscretion for which we are not responsible has led to these images being published without our knowledge or, far less, our consent.

We likewise regret the potential damage not only to our image but in particular to that of our club, whose colours we represent, and that it could have offended our supporters and the city of Eibar in general.

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The statement continues:

We are aware that professional footballers should set an example in every walk of life, especially to children; this being the reason we apologise if this incident has caused harm to anyone.

Equally, we want to apologise for the damage the circulation of this video could cause to the third person involved in the video.

While some commentators have dubbed the pair disgraceful for engaging in sex acts with the alleged prostitute, others have commended their ‘grown up’ response.

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Neither footballer gave their consent to the footage being published.

With phones so easy to hack and clips stored in the Cloud available to those who know where to look, no one is immune to the pure, unadulterated embarrassment and damage a leaked sex tape can cause.


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