Eye Opening Documentary Shows The Homeless Of Las Vegas Living In Underground Tunnels

By : Rebecca Knight |


tunnels 640x426

Matthew O’Brien makes regular trips down to the sewers and underground of Las Vegas to see the homeless people living in the storm drains – but this is the first time we have seen the video footage from the trips – and it is eye opening.

The documentary may be short but the impact it has is massive – the homeless people living in the underground of Sin City range from the young to the old – and they talk about things such as ‘dumpster diving’ and the security they feel down in the hidden tunnels.


The danger of living in the flood channels is very real however, with the tunnels able to fill up with water a foot per minute due to the currents of the water.

It really makes us think, especially when one woman claims she has lived down there since 2004, and the camps that have been set up have really become home to the people living there – simply because they have no other option.