Fort Minor Return With Amazing 360 Degree Interactive Music Video

By : Sam Ridgway |


fort minor music video

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the hip hop-based side-project of Mike Shinoda, but after a very long time on the sidelines, Fort Minor is back with something pretty cool.

It came as a massive surprise to fans when they released a fully interactive, 360-degree music video on Monday for new track, ‘Welcome’, and the praise has been flooding in.

Shinoda isn’t the first person to test out the 360 degree music video, as Avicii’s ‘Waiting For Love’ was the world’s first and Flatbush Zombies’s ‘Trash Talk’ is recorded in 360, but, this one is fully interactive and extremely easy on the eye. Plus, if you have a pair of Google cardboard goggles, feel free to experience it in virtual reality.

He probably couldn’t have chosen a better location for it, too…