German Police Are Investigating A Tackle On Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus

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German Police Are Investigating A Tackle On Borussia Dortmunds Marco Reus 1106

This is a bit bizarre, to be honest.

Borussia Dortmund were playing third division Dresden Dynamo last week, when Dresden defender Dennis Erdmann brought down German international Marco Reus on the edge of the box, causing the player to go off injured.

There wasn’t a great deal in it, he just sort of tripped him. Yes, it was naughty, and a foul. I can also imagine it hurt. But for the police to get involved? Really?!

Dresden Police are investigating Erdmann for ‘grievous bodily harm’.

German newspapers are reporting that police claim that the foul was ‘not a foul in the sporting sense, but an attack in order to eliminate the opponent from competition’.

Reus’ agent confirmed that he does not want Erdmann to be prosecuted, and while he limped off, he recovered enough to play in Dortmund’s next game.

I can’t believe that the police have got involved in this. Some of the horror tackles that happen every Sunday morning in the UK would keep the German Police force busy for a lifetime, and I’d have probably been before the judge a few times myself.