Girl Gets Revenge On Pranking Boyfriend By Putting Wasabi In His Toothpaste

By : Alex Bentley |



These guys are probably my favourite couple!

Reuben and Rebekah love pranking each other, and luckily for us, they always film it.

The other day, I posted the exploding ketchup prank, which made a horrific mess of their kitchen that resembled a murder scene. Reuben says that while we may be laughing watching, he wasn’t while he was cleaning it up!

But making him clean up the mess wasn’t enough of a punishment in Rebekah’s eyes. She wanted revenge.

So she created wasabi toothpaste. Gross.

I’m not sure how Reuben didn’t notice the toothpaste being a dodgy green colour, but it’s early in the morning, I don’t normally know what my own name is until about lunchtime, so he can be forgiven for that.

Plus, it’s hilarious!


Their YouTube Channel is full of them pranking each other and winding each other up. Great stuff!


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