Girl Sends Pornstar To Test Boyfriend’s Loyalty, Instantly Regrets It

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Elvis (and Gareth Gates) hit the nail on the head when they sang ‘We can’t go on together with suspicious minds.’

This lesson was really hammered home for one woman who tried to test her boyfriend’s loyalty live on television.

She – and the crew of To Catch a Cheater – tempted him to stray with the advances of pornstar, Valerie White, and the risky tactic did not go as planned.

The boyfriend initially dismisses White’s flirtations instantly, but when she persisted he politely offered to help the ‘lost’ female stranger.

White kept pushing him for his number, asking if he had a girlfriend. The boyfriend replied saying he was ‘seeing someone’ and they could all hang out together sometime.

The totally innocent response was hilariously twisted by White who said:

Yes! I love girls, I’d be so down!

I’m actually a pornstar and I have this new scene coming up and I need to deep throat this big Monster Dick and I want to practise.

I don’t care that you have a girlfriend.

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The flustered and confused man asked ‘Why are you interested in me?’ before adding, ‘I have to go, I’m seeing my girlfriend later.’

In response, the girlfriend said she had ‘mixed feelings’ about her boyfriend giving the pornstar his number.

She added that she hated the pornstar for pursuing her boyfriend and felt ‘a little crazy’.

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Her boyfriend agreed: As soon as she told him about the ruse, he dumped her on the spot for doubting him and questioning their trust on a public platform for all to see.

Really, the question remains – while it might be pretty funny viewing  – what on earth is To Catch A Cheater doing preying on people’s vulnerability and insecurity?

Keep it private, people, TV is never the answer.


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