Girl Strips Naked In Protest ‘After Boyfriend Refused To Buy Her iPhone 6s’

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Girl Strips Naked In Protest After Boyfriend Refused To Buy Her iPhone 6s UNILAD Untitled 12YouTube

Chinese girls would appear to be a special kind of high-maintenance-crazy. Just last week we brought you news of the Chinese woman who stole an Audi from a car dealership’s forecourt after her boyfriend refused to buy it for her.

And now we have a similar incident involving the new iPhone.

CCTV caught a girl reportedly arguing with her boyfriend about the iPhone 6s. Essentially, she really wanted one, he really didn’t want to buy her one.

She reacted badly to this news, throwing a massive strop before stripping naked in the middle of the shopping centre in protest. Her boyfriend looks unimpressed and walks away.

The video has subsequently gone viral, clocking up more than 1.2 million views, The Mirror reports.

The outcome of her naked protest is unknown. One thing is for certain though, she is absolutely batshit crazy about the new iPhone.


The Mirror