Girls At Spring Break Are Asked “Is Cheating On Your Boyfriend Okay?”

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Girls At Spring Break Are Asked Is Cheating On Your Boyfriend Okay? thumbizzay

Spring Break is pretty alien to us over here in the UK.

In theory, it sounds great. Scantily clad girls partying on the beach all day and night. But our beaches are a bit different to theirs. Rhyl and Blackpool don’t have quite the same appeal!

But is Spring Break really as promiscuous and following of the ‘free love’ lifestyle we are led to believe? Well, judging by these girls… Yes.

I hope none of them have boyfriends that will see this video, because it seems that fidelity doesn’t count on Spring Break.

The most common response seems to be “Cheat on your boyfriend? Hell yeah! Fuck it, it’s Spring Break!”, which is.. nice.

Also, I’m not sure why the FoolinTV lads making the video insist on including clips of them kissing girls, but whatever.