Go-Pro Wearing ISIS Militant Captures Own Death On Camera

By : Alex Mays |


This clip captures the brutal moment an Islamic State fighter dies while recording a firefight on his body camera.

The footage shows the militant firing an AK-47 machine gun while running between buildings in a battle with the Iraqi military.

At one point he can be heard screaming ‘Allah Akbar!’, before he’s shot dead by a sniper.

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Moments before he gets killed the camera flashes towards a nearby building where a gunman – believed to be his killer – appears to be pointing a weapon directly at him.

The camera topples a few seconds later as he’s shot and the video ends with the camera pointing towards the sun as he collapses and stops breathing.

Some soliders went on to take photos of the corpse, as this is believed to glorify martyrdom.

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Apparently this is becoming an increasingly common occurrence as part of jihadi propaganda to post on their social media pages.

Their propaganda campaign has escalated recently after a series of losses in Iraq, where they have lost a lot of its territory after attacks by Iraqi government forces and Kurd militias.

This latest video – which was published by LiveLeak – is believed to have been taken in the city of Ramadi which fell to ISIS last month.

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It remains unknown if the body camera footage was taken during the capture of Ramadi.


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