Godzilla Hotel Opens Up In Japan, Is Both Very Creepy And Amazing

By : Rebecca Knight |



You know those things that are really, really odd, but you kind of want to do them anyway?

Yeah, well, a Godzilla Hotel has opened up in Japan and while it sounds a bit creepy, we really want to stay there.


The hotel (which, frankly, we thought would have been made far sooner) doesn’t hold anything back and you can actually see a massive replica of the creature from the streets and the hotel rooms themselves. Because that wouldn’t give you nightmares at all.

hotell gif

You can stay in a room facing the big Godzilla statue for around £85 or even decide to shell out a fair chunk of money and get a themed room, which we assume has Godzilla wallpaper and bedding at the very least, for a rather pricy £285.


So if you’re a fan of the (supposedly) fictional lizard, here is your chance to really bond with him.