Google Officially Introduces An “Undo Send” Feature For Gmail

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Google Officially Introduces An Undo Send Feature For Gmail google undo WEBGoogle

Google has finally installed an “undo send” setting on its email service, in the best thing to happen to the internet today.

The move should officially bring an end to the embarrassment of sending a message to the wrong person or with that glaring spelling error that haunts you until the end of time.

The helpful feature has been available in Google Labs, a testing platform, for some time and now, after feedback from customers, the feature has been rolled out on Gmail for the web.

The feature can be switched on in ‘Settings’ – with a period of between five and 30 seconds available.

With this in place, after sending an email, a small box appears at the top of the page which allows the user to “undo” and edit their message before sending again (or deleting altogether).

So, you should all probably go and switch this on. Now.