Google’s New ‘Dog Robot’ Is Frighteningly Realistic

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo


Googles New Dog Robot Is Frighteningly Realistic Screen Shot 2015 02 10 at 09.42.16 2

This is a 4-legged robot dog called Spot, and he was built by Google-owned Boston Dynamics.

Spot makes me uncomfortable. Why? Because he’s far too realistic for my liking. The 160-pound machine is unbelievably agile for a heavy lump of welded metal, just watch when he’s kicked in the side! This does not bold well for the future.

I’m almost 99% certain that in 100 years time, these f*ckers will be capable of starting their own revolution. Why the hell are we advancing technology like this!

On the flip-side, however, I’m really impressed by it. Well done, Boston Dynamics. Now burn it alive, please.