GoPro On US Soldier’s Head Captures Actual Taliban Ambush

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GoPro On US Soldiers Head Captures Actual Taliban Ambush 09 syriajet r w

Unbelievable GoPro footage from the head of a US Solider has emerged that documents an actual firefight with the Taliban in Logar Province.

The ambush happens in what was considered a “safe zone”, and shows just how easy it is for a fully engaged firefight to go down.

Three Taliban fighters were killed during the ambush. All US soldiers returned to base unharmed.

The below is a quote from the man with the cam:

The cameraman had this to say to after submitting the footage to FUNKER530:

This patrol was a relief in place and I was on point leading the new guys in for the RIP. We hadn’t taken much contact in this area, and it was generally considered a “safe” zone in Logar Province.

We patrolled the area frequently, and the locals would regularly thank us for pushing the Taliban away from their village so they could live their daily lives without constant threat.

The Taliban that we came across during this patrol were actually setting up to shoot down our new surveillance balloon that was launched in the area. The balloon caught the entire fight on camera from above, which confirmed that we killed 3 Taliban fighters during this engagement.

I saw the first guy shoulder his RPG, take a knee, and point it directly at me from about 15 meters away. I’m not sure if it was luck, but I shot first and hit him twice. The rest of the team engaged immediately after.

At the end of the day there were no friendly casualties, and we had eliminated 3 Taliban fighters.

I wanted to share the video with the world because I was sick of hearing all the ignorant things said about what we are doing over there. People need to understand what it’s like on the ground for the troops on the front line, and see what we have to deal with on a daily basis without some political spin on the story.

This footage has been edited to exclude the close up graphic footage of the enemy KIA.

This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan from the soldiers’ point of view.