Groom ‘Has Sex’ With Guests In Weirdest Wedding Game Ever

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I haven’t been to a tonne of weddings but the handful of which that I have had the gargantuan pleasure of attending have been dull as fuck.¬†

I don’t mind the service funnily enough but it’s the aftermath when you’re bundled into a hotel lobby or a social club and get seated on a table with relatives you don’t really know and faces you distantly¬†recognise so you just get loaded and end up in a hotel room guggling mojitos out of a bag with somebody who gradually became your friend throughout the mundanity of the day before you vomit in the taxi home.

Groom Has Sex With Guests In Weirdest Wedding Game Ever qwrg

Okay, so that’s a specific anecdote but you get my point.

Over in Russia, however, weddings look one helluva lot more interesting – where grooms ‘have sex’ (sort of) with wedding guests as some sort of pornographic post-wedding party game, reports the Daily Star.

Essentially, as the video above shows, the groom bends over a particularl lady and dry humps her in frantic succession while they both grin like mad men and giggle too.

Groom Has Sex With Guests In Weirdest Wedding Game Ever 58748UNILAD imageoptim Groom sex wedding guest doggy style game gong 554936YouTube

With his hands on her hips, the old boy goes for it like there’s no tomorrow – but at the end of the day, it isn’t quite sex.

The aim of the game is rather simple. The wedding guest holds a metallic pan/gong between her thighs and the groom has a bell clapper rather fittingly attached to his groin area.

By thrusting with all your orgasmic might the bell clapper connects with the gong and produces a nice ‘clink’ sound – and the aim is to do so as many times as possible.

Groom Has Sex With Guests In Weirdest Wedding Game Ever 27686UNILAD imageoptim Groom thrusts guest sex wedding doggy style 680178YouTube

Unfortunately I’m not too sure how the game ends but I can’t imagine the bride is as ecstatic as the dry humping duo are.


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