Groom’s Friends Burst In On Newlyweds Having Sex On Wedding Night

By : Joseph Loftus |


The night of your wedding is a night for spending some seriously intimate time with your new husband or wife.

You’ve just vowed to spend the rest of your lives together, celebrated with all of your friends and family, and now you’re in your bedroom about to make some serious love to one another.

What your wedding night is not a night for is to be pranked by your mates but that’s exactly what happened to these unfortunate Chinese newlyweds who got caught in the act, according to the Mirror.

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Bursting into the room, the grooms mates laugh and jeer as he’s having sex with his wife – but they don’t stop there.

The pals rip off their duvet revealing the couples naked bodies entwined in innocent love making before launching a tirade of painful arse slapping on the groom as his wife naively attempts to cover his naked bottom.

In all honesty I’ve never seen such a rapid arse smacking as that. It’s like he was trying to flatten dough.

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Fortunately the pranksters had enough decency to throw the covers back over the nude newlyweds who weirdly seen the funny side of the joke.

I can’t imagine that I’d see the funny side of things however…

The footage was shot in China before being uploaded to LiveLeak where it was watched by thousands of people across the globe.