Guy Asks Girl To Prom But Forgets To Check If She Already Has A Date

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Guy Asks Girl To Prom But Forgets To Check If She Already Has A Date prom rejection WEB

As rejections go, they don’t come much more brutal than this.


When 18-year-old Patrick Smith plucked up the courage to ask his high school crush out to prom, he was clearly expecting a resounding “yes”.

Unfortunately, this lad hadn’t done his homework and it embarrassingly turned out that she already had a date for the end of term dance at Park Ridge High School in New Jersey.


Patrick walked up to Jen Malespina in front of his whole school to invite her to prom but was crushed by her answer.

To add insult to injury, his friend captured the whole cringe-worthy moment on his phone and stuck the footage online. And now it’s gone viral.

Speaking to the Mirror, Patrick said:

My other friends thought it was the greatest thing ever, when I was just like ‘why me?’. It’s been a bit embarrassing, I’ll be honest with you. I really expected a solid yes. But then I just said screw it and embraced it. It’s just kind of fun at this point.

It all worked out in the end. Patrick managed to get a date with another student, Lilli Abraham, for Friday’s dance, which means he will be able to show his face in public again.