Guy Creates ENORMOUS ‘Big Max’ McDonald’s Burger

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Guy Creates ENORMOUS Big Max McDonalds Burger 14

You probably haven’t experienced this yet, but over in the U.S. McDonald’s are rolling out their ‘Create Your Taste’ touchscreens that allow customers to create their own burgers.

We’re patiently waiting for them over here, but meanwhile, this is the kind of thing some people are using them for. So let me introduce you to the 4lbs ‘Big Max’ that costs a whopping $24 (£15).

It was created by Moshe Tamssot at a Chicago-area build-a-burger kiosk. He basically ordered the maximum of everything that you can use to build your burger, hence the name ‘Big max’, and the result is, well, definitely not consumable without getting your hands dirty and producing hefty meat sweats. When ready, the manager of the branch brought out the burger, saying: “That’s as big as we could make it without it falling apart.” Fair play to them!

In the end, the burger won. But I would not mind having a go at this myself. Hurry up McDonald’s UK.


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