Guy Gets Electrocuted Trying To Steal Booby-Trapped Trump Sign

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With the U.S. presidential election day arriving fast, tensions are running high in America.

There’s a large amount of people who would rather not see Donald Trump in office, and they’re not being too quiet about it either.

In what started off as a few strong-worded tweets has spiraled into topless celebrities, an A-list petition against Trump, and the Avengers uniting to urge people to vote against racism, inequality and misogyny. Without saying it outright, they’re saying don’t vote for Trump.

And the people of America apparently agree. Because Trump signs everywhere are going missing.

Americans have been making their voices heard by stealing Trump signs off of Republican supporters’ lawns – simple, but efficient.

But one guy’s had enough.

Enter one YouTube user who decided to document the day he had enough of people stealing his signs.

Guy Gets Electrocuted Trying To Steal Booby Trapped Trump Sign Capture 7

His video shows a man walking past the end of a driveway pushing what seems to be a pram, before coming back 10 minutes later with his hood over his head.

Fast forward to him trying to steal the sign, getting electrocuted, and running off.

Turns out, his Trump-supporter neighbour decided to booby-trap his sign.

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According to the video, the guy was charged with trespassing. And, like any good Trump supporter, he ends the footage with: “Make America Great Again.”

It’s not the first time a Trump sign has been stolen:

But it seems like neighbours are learning, with more and more Trump-supporters booby trapping their signs:

I think the point these booby-trappers are trying to make is that people are free to make their own political statements, just don’t silence try and silence anyone else’s.

Fair enough, but I’ve got a funny feeling that won’t stop anti-Trumpers from stealing his signs anytime soon.