Guy Humiliates Wife On The Street In Disgusting Video

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Guy Humiliates Wife On The Street In Disgusting Video Screen Shot 2016 01 19 at 19.30.10LiveLeak

Disgusting footage has emerged online of a man trying to publicly shame his wife by making her walk down a New York street naked.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the woman had allegedly been sending nude photos to other men, and this was her husband’s revenge.

In the video, the man appears to berate his wife as she walks down the road.

According to the Daily Mail’s translation, the man says:

Since you’re a whore, pose like a whore. Damn whore. Now the guys you’re talking to will see if you’re worth it, talking to seven men while I was with you. Do you really think I’m going to stay with you while you’re sending and receiving naked pictures, you damn bitch?

What an absolute c*nt.

The internet doesn’t seem to think much of his abusive tendencies either…

A small minority have tried to suggest the whole incident could have been staged, but what the hell did either party stand to gain from it if that were the case?

Regardless of what happens in a relationship, nothing can justify treating another human this way.



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