Guy In The Crowd Causes A Crash At The Finish Line Of This Bike Race

By : Alex Bentley |


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This takes being a bellend to the next level.

This cycling race in Holland came to an unfortunate end for Loren Rowney, who was sprinting to try and finish the stage in first place, when she came off her bike and went over the handlebars, managing to crawl over the line in seventh place.

Falls and crashes aren’t uncommon in the sport, but this incident really is. Watching the slowed down version of the video you can see the reason for her crash… A guy in the crowd grabbing her bike.

What a dick.

Rowney suffered a broken collarbone and was forced to step out of the rest of the race stages as a result.

Giorgia Bronzini won the race, and said:

I thought at first that maybe it was my fault. But I’ve already seen the footage and it looks like a spectator grips her wheel. Very strange.

It’s not yet known who the guy that caused this accident is, or whether it was intentional. But let’s be honest, what did he think was going to happen? If it was me I’d have hunted him down and battered him with my one working, non-broken arm.

[Via Euronews]