Guy On Motorbike Tries To Overtake A Car, But Ends Up Flying Through The Air

By : Alex BentleyTwitterLogo


This is crazy.

A motorbike group are riding together, when one of them tries to pass a car, but very, VERY nearly gets hit by an oncoming vehicle. The only way he can avoid it is to go off the road. But that was a bad idea. He ends up hitting a small hill then flies through the air, smashing into the ground in the most dramatic way possible.

It’s not nice at all, but it’s kind of difficult to sympathise… He was overtaking on a bend like a dick, and was oblivious to oncoming traffic. And while he’s clearly in pain, he is lucky to be alive.

Let’s hope this taught him a lesson. If you ride a bike, please make sure you do it better than this guy, and stay safe.