Guy Pops Huge Cyst With A Pin And For F*ck Sake

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Guy Pops Huge Cyst With A Pin And For F*ck Sake Screen Shot 2016 01 11 at 18.15.43The Wrist Cyst/YouTube

Previously we’ve brought you a selection of NOPE spot popping videos where a doctor carried out the procedure – but this guy has a very different approach!

All we know about this man is that he’s supposedly called Jason, he comes from Vancouver, and he has a ganglion cyst on his wrist with its very own YouTube channel.

The cyst often causes Jason pain, and has previously prevented him playing the guitar. But Jason refuses to take that, and so he drains the cyst of its jelly-like contents with everyday items at home.

In his latest video he utilises a drawing pin, with excellent results depending on the strength of your stomach.

Warning: Graphic Content

And, if that wasn’t enough NOPE for one day, you may want to have a look at this guy’s back catalogue.

Eight months ago he even had his wife hammer a sewing needle into his wrist using the handle of a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.


According to the Daily Mail, Jason is only making this matter worse for himself. They spoke to a doctor who advised that draining ganglion cysts at home actually leads to them getting bigger.

Dr Arun Ghosh said:

We advise not draining minor ganglions. They just get bigger and bigger. We only drain it if they are very large and hindering the use of the hand.

A ganglion is a fluid-filled sack. If you start the drainage process, the bigger and bigger the sack will fill.

So the series of Wrist Cyst videos won’t be ending anytime soon, then!


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