Guy Proves Why You Shouldn’t ‘Get Low’ In A Suit

By : Kieron CurtisTwitterLogo

Guy Proves Why You Shouldnt Get Low In A Suit whoops1Chad Vaught/Vine

Heading for a drink straight after work is always appealing, but maybe have some casual wear on standby.

As this poor sod found out, the seam of suit pants is not to be relied upon when you fancy getting low.

Shaking what his mother gave him to Rihanna’s Work featuring Drake , the unfortunate fella drops towards the floor, before flinging his knees recklessly apart. It’s a decision he soon regrets, as his cock and balls flop out for all to see.

And, of course, with the beauty of mobile technology, a friend was on hand to capture the embarrassing moment on video.

Oh dear…

Lesson learned – buy larger suit pants for dance purposes, or keep a pair of jeans handy.