Guys Diss Nate Diaz Not Knowing He’s Stood Right Next To Them

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No matter who you are, chances are it’s not a good idea to talk shit about somebody who’s standing right behind you. And if that person is UFC fighter Nate Diaz, then it’s a really bad idea.

Thankfully, Diaz didn’t have his gloves on when he was involved in a Jimmy Kimmel prank to terrify some unfortunate McGregor pundits, MMA Fighting reports.

In the prank called ‘What’s Up With Nate Diaz‘, UFC fans were asked who they thought would win the rematch at UFC 202: Diaz or McGregor. But when the loudmouthed fans called a McGregor win, Diaz strolled out behind them – and yes, they went quiet rather quickly.

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One unlucky punter said:

I think Conor’s gonna knock him the hell out and I think Conor’s gonna whoop him and I’m excited.

But just seconds later, Mr Diaz – the fighting pride of Stockton, California – barges into the pundit whose facial expressions transform into utter regret.

He then says: ‘I do like this guy a lot too though. I said that right?’.

No, you didn’t say it, and you know you didn’t say it.

Guys Diss Nate Diaz Not Knowing Hes Stood Right Next To Them safafsYouTube

Back in March at UFC 196, Diaz infamously defeated McGregor.

However, coming into the highly-anticipated rematch on August 20, McGregor is the favourite.

But you might not want to say that in front of Diaz.


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