Guys In Japan Now Have Virtual Sex With Plastic Dolls, Apparently

By : Rebecca Knight |


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There are some pretty wacky things out there these days, and trawling the internet, you tend to come across most of them.

That being said, you can’t blame anyone for raising an eyebrow after seeing one guy have ‘virtual sex’ with a doll.

Said guy, from Japan, was apparently playing ‘Space Battleship Girlfriend’, complete with an iPhone inside the doll (creepy as fuck), to monitor his ‘performance’.


Oh, and it was at a trade show, meaning it was in full view of plenty of other people.

To say cringe really doesn’t cover it.

Quite what happened to closing your bedroom door and having a quick wank to satisfy yourself remains to be seen, but for these guys, very public virtual sex seems to be the new thing.

Ok then.