Harambe Is Latest Celebrity To Have ‘Sex Tape’ Leaked Online

By : Jennifer BrowneTwitterLogo


If the Internet didn’t already have enough reason to turn Harambe the gorilla into a meme, they will now.

Leaked video footage has made it’s way onto YouTube, and it appears to show the much-loved western lowland having sex.

The video, aptly entitled ‘Harambe Having Sex – Cincinnati Zoo’, is only 11 seconds long, so it’s hard to decipher whether the footage is actually authentic. But the mating season for gorillas is pretty much whenever they fancy, and a quick google image search tells me that Harambe’s position is exactly how gorillas have sex.

This gives #dicksoutforHarambe a whole new meaning.

Harambe Is Latest Celebrity To Have Sex Tape Leaked Online Harambe at Gladys Porter Zoo before being relocated to Cincinnati Zoo 1Facebook

Whether the posthumously leaked footage actually shows Harambe or another silverback western lowland gorilla is another question altogether, and it pretty much all comes down to how much you trust the guy who uploaded the video.

We can already bet that Cincinnati Zoo, also known as the zoo where Harambe lived and died, probably isn’t happy about it considering they’ve just deleted all of their social media accounts as a direct result of all the Harambe memes and jokes.

But if it is really Harambe, then he can count his name among the many other celebrities who have had their sex tapes leaked.

Does this mean there’s a baby Harambe on the way?