Here’s A Video Of Two T-Rexes Shagging, Because Safe Sex

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Heres A Video Of Two T Rexes Shagging, Because Safe Sex dinosex2 1YouTube

This hilarious video showing two Tyrannosaurus Rex having sex could mean you’ll never watch Jurassic Park in the same way again.   

Funny as it is, it’s actually an advert promoting safe sex from Japanese condom maker Okamoto – who are no stranger to controversial marketing campaigns.

The video begins with two T-Rexes eyeballing each other before letting out several ferocious roars.

Just when you think it’s all going to kick-off, instead of engaging in a deadly battle, the reptiles get it on. According to Mashable, the message at the end says: “The male star is an overly enthusiastic lover.”

Heres A Video Of Two T Rexes Shagging, Because Safe Sex dnosex4YouTube

It was animated by award-winning CG animator Kota Morie and was created to promote the company’s Ultra-thin Okamoto Zero One condom – it’s hoped that the video will encourage viewers to share the message of practising safe sex.

If you need to know anything else about dinosaur sex, check out this article – but in the meantime stay safe and don’t worry, it isn’t a spoiler for a weird porn parody called Jurassic Pork.


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