Here’s How People Reacted When They Were Given Sex Toys And Told They Were Beauty Products

By : Alex Watt |


RHNpmrvGMsex toys lol WEB.jpg

So apparently sex toys really look like high-end beauty products nowadays. At least, that’s what we’ve learned after watching this new video.

‘C Fashion’ recently invited people into a studio to test out some of the most cutting edge beauty products about to hit the market. Unfortunately for the testers, the items they were shown were actually used for a very different type of pleasure and relaxation.

And things get really awkward, really quickly as the women are shown the devices, with some absolutely hilarious quotes thrown in for good measure…

It definitely looks like something my mum had in 1990.

Eventually, the participants do start to realise what is happening and the team behind the video ultimately reveal what they’ve been handling the entire time.

However, for one woman, the most shocking part of the entire thing is the price of the sex toys:

I don’t know about $44.95. I could get a bigger one for $44.95.