Here’s How To Find Somewhere To Live Without Having To Pay Rent

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Sky-high rent and bills are the bane of most people’s lives.

Living on beans and toast for the last week of the month is all too common – probably because you’ve been out a few too many times – but mainly, it’s down to the sheer amount of dollar you have to give your landlord.


They take you for everything they can get, especially in London, so this video from Elite Daily, advising how you can find somewhere to live for free is genius.

It does rely quite heavily on ‘bumping into’ an ex of your friend, and convincing them to take you in, but you know, needs must and all that.



And if that fails, you can always move back home to your parent’s house, like the majority of graduates and 20 somethings tend to end up doing these days.

At least there the fridge is always full and someone can do your washing.


Elite Daily